Supra Dist. | KING SHIT: In Conversation with Charles Deschamps
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KING SHIT: In Conversation with Charles Deschamps

12 Apr KING SHIT: In Conversation with Charles Deschamps

Evan Rissi got into with Charles in the ongoing section of In Conversation over at KING SHIT.

“Charles is a pretty unassuming guy. I don’t know him super well, but over the years it’s become clear that no one dislikes him—which is a hard thing to say about anybody in this industry. The saying that goes, “if you have haters you’re doing something right” just doesn’t seem to apply to Charles. When I interviewed him about two years ago, we talked about his education in architecture, his status on the international DC team, and working on his video part for Duluth (which was ender). This time around, I rang him up and we talked about whatever with no real agenda. Oh, and it turns out he’s still pretty good at skateboarding too.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE.


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