Oct 05

17 minutes of destruction… This is what REAL got with no video plans, just skating and having fun with the crew.

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Oct 05

Mike Carroll and Jacob Rosenberg explain their relationship with Del and the Hieroglyphics, the Beastie Boys and skate soundtracks, Mike missing out on Mouse and Pretty Sweet, calling Ty Evans to get in Modus Operandi, the inspiration of Misled Youth, battling Lupus, Jake’s favorite clips, Carroll’s bachelor party and more!

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Oct 02

Real flow shredder Joey Obrien has a killer part in the new Sabotage 4 video, check it.

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Oct 02

Dane Vaughn is now pro, and this Venture rider comes through with a solid part to back it.

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Oct 02

Matix Clothing flow rider Jared Cleland is featured in a Lost In Translation video.

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Oct 01

Alex Perelson puts a hurting on the vert ramp, pools and everything in between in his new part for The Skateboard Mag.

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Oct 01

Back in 2011 Real dropped since day one, a full length video from the real team with parts from the whole squad….And now each part is up on Real’s youtube for your viewing pleasure. CLICK PHOTO

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.32.10 PM


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Oct 01

Synthesize Thunder’s Walker Ryan’s skating with some lyrical G.A.M.E. from the Crestside and you have one helluva good video. Sick Wit Tis indeed.

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Oct 01

Going fast down the street and jumping over anything in your path is an essential part of street skating. Real rider Keith Hufnagel has this down to an art form. Here’s his part from the 1996 FTC video in this weeks Thrasher Classics.

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Sep 30

Thunder rider Jamie Thomas has been around the block and more, paid his dues, and is one of skateboarding’s most iconic dudes. Check out his 20 Year Anniversary interview from Thrasher’s October mag. 



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