Aug 30

The much anticipated “Battle at Hastings” contest¬†happened this past Saturday and it looks like it was amazing!! All the local bowl shredders showed up to grab a piece of the $2000 prize purse.

I unfortunately wasn’t able to make it (i’m bummed) but our man on the street Mitch Francis was there with photographer/friend Matt Macleod to get in on the action and take some photos.

Here’s how the expert category broke down:

1. Riley Boland – $800
2a. Sluggo – $300
2b. Adam Hopkins -$300
3a. Chris Connolly – $100
3b. Frontside Kid – $100

(the scores were so close they had two ties!)

Check out Boulevard Skateshops website and Facebook page for more info.

Posted by Nick Nolte

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