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24 Oct United Nations DVS

The purpose of the United Nations is to develop friendly relations between The Berrics and skateboard companies based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self determination of our fellow skaters. This joint effort strengthens and promotes a peaceful and united skateboard community,...

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20 Oct New From Real

Robbie and the crew kick off the newest REAL Fall Drop with photos from their recent ATL trip. Kyle gets some custom wheel wells on his all Pink Rosa Pro deck. Robbie, Dennis and Chima have the first ever spliced Low Pro II decks. ...

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20 Oct Skate Or Dice With DVS

Give the DVS team a bunch of singles and some Skate Dice and you’re bound to get some side bets. Kerry “Whatever Kerry wants, Kerry gets” Getz keeps the boys rollin’—on flat and down the ten-stair—until the DVS United Nations airs this Saturday. The ante...

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