Sep 01


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Some great clips of Real, Spitfire, Lakai, Fourstar and Thunder rider Ty Peterson in this clip along with some other amazing Vancouver locals such as Will Blakley.


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Aug 31

Antihero in Europe with our man Bru-Ray behind the lens. What more could you ask for? Four-part series starts tomorrow, on Thrasher

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Aug 31

Tom K crawls more walls than Spiderman with his Thunder Trucks and Spitfire Wheels. This is a great part, and it’s shot really well too. Enjoy this part from Thrasher.

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Aug 31

In the latest episode of the Tim Show, your host, Tim O’Connor, puts every skater’s favorite skater, Dennis Busenitz, on blast, and since Tim talks nearly as fast as Real Skateboards Dennis skates, you know a lot of ground gets covered. So, without further ado, enjoy the show with arguably the sweatiest skateboarder in the world.

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Aug 31

Spitfire rider Dan Plunkett just dropped a new part from the local Atl Video Down Right Evil.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 4.07.45 PM

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Aug 31

With a deep bag of tricks and an eye for spots, Venture rider Spenny’s been on a long path of destruction around the world. From Vancouver to Venice Beach, from the Big Apple to Barcelona, Spencer’s always down to roll and always puts in the work to get the clip. Check the full edit and be prepared for more from him in the near future

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Aug 31

Some classic clips of Fourstar’s Lucas Puig to some classic Jazz, perfect match.

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Aug 31

With a full-length video in the works, the Lakai team trekked to The Bay on The North Road and got some clips along the way.

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Aug 28

You want Mike & Rick? Big Wheat? Mikut? Or all four to run you thru our respective warehouses? Check out CCS’ Brand Spotlight on all thing Crail and Lakai.

Crailtap Tour With Rick Howard & Mike Carroll from CCS Skate on Vimeo.

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Aug 28

John Cardiel talks about the night he and Mark Gonzales skated the Sunset Carwash and how skateboards literally saved his life one night in Portland.

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